What is Threat Hunting

Threat hunting, in the cyber domain, basically is an activity of defensive nature. In simple words to hunt threat or threat hunt, it means to look/search for malware that is lurking in your network. These threats might be very unawarely siphoning off data, quietly looking at confidential information or even might be able to work their way through the network in search of credentials that are powerful enough to make them steal your various important secured information. 

This activity entails the proactive and iterative search through the network for the detection and isolation of advanced threats that can somehow escape the security solutions that are already in place. The basic difference between hunting threat and other defensive measures is that other measures investigate the security issues based on data and evidence after there has been a potential threat warning, while threat hunting is a pre-emptive strike. In this article, we shall look at how to hunt threats using AI and ML. 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the most effective way to stop advanced threats. The biggest advantage of AI is that it provides for the ability to detect adversaries or threats that are already existing(preexisting) in an enterprise’s network, but mainly on a large scale. AI makes hunting possible. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an effective way to stop advanced threats. What AI hunting does is that it mainly takes the skills, workflows, and decision-making capabilities of the best hunters and makes sure to place them into a platform that is automated and which also analyzes data from an organization’s entire IT environment as well as identifies malicious activities. Thus, Applying artificial intelligence to hunting gives organizations the chance or opportunity to find out if they’re under attack without the overhead that is mainly associated with hunting.

Machine learning basically assists human security analysts, to detect real threats more quickly, so that an enterprise Or an organization can act on them more swiftly. Now, we have reached that stage where artificial intelligence no longer is the next big thing. It is already a present scenario. AI and Machine learning being automated processes based on algorithms are already in the mainstream, to be deeply integrated into different aspects of Cyber Security, especially Threat Hunting.

Integrating the two elements in the present and future Threat Hunting

Threat hunting with AI and Machine Learning, even though it is a pre-emptive strike, requires data to be fed to threat intelligence and behavioral analytics engines which detect any anomalies and /or other abnormal behavior that will help to detect the area that needs to be targeted. However, with AI and machine learning being delved into more and more each day, hackers are also experimenting more with these to boost the power of their attacks. But threat hunting using these two elements allows for huge savings in resources and proper threat detection in real-time. AI and Machine Learning and their influence on the different facets of our life will keep increasing and so a better understanding and implementation of the two is very important. It does not have to be that they are completely going to replace humans in the Threat of Hunting space.