A collection made up of tools for software development which can be all installed at one go in a single package, is termed as a Software Development Kit(SDK). SDKs consist of all three – a Compiler, a Debugger, and sometimes a Software Framework. This helps them easily create new applications and specific SDKs are generally used for specific combinations of a hardware platform and an operating system. 

Now, in the case of a Hyperledger, the Hyperledger Fabric SDK is the reason applications acquire the capability of interacting with a particular Fabric Blockchain Network. A simple API is provided for by the Hyperledger Fabric SDK to a particular ledger, or the SDK can also find out a ledger’s actual contents while making use of the bare minimum amount of code. In the case of this type of SDK, it basically allows for the implementation of the Fabric Programming Model. 

Once the Hyperledger Fabric has been already set up and configured, only then is it possible to build up a DApp of a Simple Device Asset Management. Now two of the main requirements while building this DApp are :

  • The front-end of any application that makes use of the Hyperledger Fabric, must be designed through the SDK
  • Exactly like the front-end, the development of the back-end of any application using the Hyperledger Fabric should be designed through the SDK. 

The Hyperledger Fabric is capable of offering up a good number of different SDKs that are responsible for supporting the development of smart contracts(chain code) in all the different and/or available programming language(s). Now one of the most popular and widely used programming languages, Java, has a smart contract SDK called the Java SDK. Apart from that, there are a couple of other smart contract SDKs that are available for the programming languages – Go and Node.js.

The open-source community is working hard to providing a platform for other powerful and commonly used programming languages.

Readers can also visit the hyper ledger open source community to stay updated in the technology evolution part: https://www.hyperledger.org/. There is a very rich documentation available on the community so people can check & download the latest versions visions of SDK’s from there.